Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's Gone and he's sad.

Gone is the hidey hole. For his own good, and the good of our trees in the yard, Reilly's hidey hole is no more. :( We had some really nasty muscadine vines strangling our trees in the backyard and making a nice place for a dog to hide from his parents and to hide his toys.

When he realized were were demolishing his hiding place, he ran back and forth into it as if trying to protect it. I had to explain to him that it had to come down. For one thing it was going to kill all of our trees. On the other hand, when he got in there, we couldn't get him out. Once he got stuck in there, trapped in a vine, and it was all I could do to get him out.

There are toys in there, I haven't seen in MONTHS! :)

Pictures are coming.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tired and Cranky

Yes, that's me. Tired, and cranky and sick. And sick of being all three! I hate getting sick bc when I do, it just drags on forever and makes everyone miserable. Poor Reilly is stuck home with a mom who doesn't feel like doing ANYTHING when she gets home except go to bed. But since the DH is in Europe, that's not an option.

Don't get me wrong, he's been a very good boy - very nurturing and not too overhyper ( of course LOTS of daycare has helped with that) - but I still feel bad. It's summer!!! We should be going to the park and walking for miles in the hot, sticky twilight. It's a sin to go to bed in the summer before it gets dark, but darn it, I just can't help it right now.

And I know, I shouldn't be up blogging, I should be in bed, but I just had to vent. SO there! :)

See ya on the flipside.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Long Ride Home

We've had a vistor for the past month, my dad's dog, which he decided he could no longer take care of, and so my mother said that she would take Pete. So in the interim, till we could get him to my mom, he stayed here with us.

Pete is such a sweet dog. Ten years old and grossly overweight(which we are working on) he lives only to please.

The whole arrangement put Reilly out to no end, and I don't think I realized how much till we got home yesterday.

Yesterday was the big day for Pete. I loaded him and Reilly into the car and off we went to Lake City TN, which is 1/2 way between my mom's house and here. I know Pete was confused, but I think he was fine once he saw mom again. The transfer went smoothly and after 30 minutes, Reilly and I pulled out and went home.

Reilly is an extremely good traveler and I love taking him with me. But we were both glad to get home yesterday afternoon, which is when I realized what a toll having Pete here had taken on him. I swear I don't think Reilly slept for a month, but he sure made up for it yesterday!!! He slept so long and so hard that when my DH woke him up walking by, he was so disoriented he started barking at him. :)...

He's better today and we're back to our normally scheduled programming. We miss Pete, don't get me wrong, but he's better off with my mom and her more laid back lifestyle :)....