Monday, April 27, 2009

A Really Close Call!

Yesterday, DH and I decided it that we needed to get outside and do some yard work. His garganutan task was to trim the bushes in front of the windows. So he's going at it with the electric saw thingys when he spots this:

OOPS! Thank goodness he didn't get it with the trimmers! He continued to trim around them, and then once we were done, covered them up a bit with some debris to hopefully keep them hidden from predators.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Pictures Pictures!!!!!

( Clicking on the image should make it bigger)

I finally have some pictures!  I wasn't able to find the cord to connect the camera to the laptop before!

Here are pictures of the Buffett concert.  I will have to post Charleston pictures later, as I forgot to take my camera into town and I have to get them from my friend.  So the picture at the top is the whole gang getting ready to go into the concert.

Here are Carol and Penny getting their drink on - believe it or not, this was early in the afternoon!

We got out to the parking lot MUCH later than we intended.  There were rumors swirling around that they weren't going to open the gates to the parking lot until 4pm - their goal is to get us to buy more drink inside, instead of doing all the drinking outside.  We called the site to confirm this and they said - yes 4pm.  Then I got a  text - too late- from my friend who said that they had opened the gates at 12:45!  That's ok though - as you can see from the next few pictures, we still had  a pretty good time.  The concert was awesome!  There is NEVER enough time for him to play all his music.  But we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Atlanta day. And we had a nice cool evening- I think it was the first Buffett concert where I wasn't drenched in sweat.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Off on a Little Vaca!

We are off on a little vacation to Charleston then back home for the Jimmy Buffett concert( cool pics to follow next week).

Reilly is going to the spa - aka Atlanta Dog Trainer - to stay with Mimi and Sonja and be spoiled while we are away.

Our days in Charleston include a day at the spa for Cat and I while the men golf.

And on Thurs my BFF comes to town for the JB concert!

So stay tuned and HAPPY EASTER!