Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is here!

Summer is definitely here - you can tell by the heat, the humidity and my hair :). Also my dog is not eating which is a sure indication that it's just too freaking hot. Period.

Another fine indicator of summer is the fact that we got through our Summer Classic horseshow. It's something that I look forward to every year, and this year was no exception. We have such a great crew out there - I love seeing everyone - trainers, riders and show committee people and we have such a good time. Thanks to everyone ( especially Camily) who worked their butts off all weekend.

Horseshow related, we stayed at the "horseshow" hotel again. This is a hotel that is so close to the horse park in Conyers it's just too convenient to pass up. Last year however, we chose to pass it up because we couldn't stand it anymore. Between the grubby furnishings, uncomfortable beds and missing light fixtures/towel bars/whatever - oh and the rodent poop, we were done.

This year they PROMISED that they had done 1.5 mil in renovations. So we were very very optimistic and decided to take our business back there. Seriously, you can't beat it, it's so easy to get back there for a break, it's hard to resist.

Well um, I don't know WHERE they spent the 1.5 mil, but none of it got to my room. They painted the room, but * I * could have done a better job and I HATE painting. It was all over the ceiling and missing in some places.

We had NO towel bars in the bathroom, but you could see the holes in the wall where they used to be.

My pillows and linens smelled of stale smoke. Apparently none of the 1.5 mil was to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to get new pillows.

On the flip side, thanks to my bitching Cam and I got a HUGE suite with a balcony , which was nice, but when did we have time to enjoy all that room. The LAST thing I want to do at night after spending all day outside is sit on the balcony. I'm just sayin.......

OH! And they are charging a $100 NON REFUNDABLE pet fee PER DOG. Yep, that's going to draw the Horseshow people in. Really.

My vote is back to the LaQuinta.