Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party!

There was a Halloween Party at the dog trainer's on Sat so Reilly and I stayed after class to attend! I have a couple of pictures. The first one, is Reilly in his bandanna. He was pretty fried - there was a lot going on.

And we had to give a short agility demo, along with another dog in our class. He did pretty well considering ;)....

Here's our trainer Sonja with her dog Nege:

And this is Mimi - the woman who takes such great care of Reilly when we board him!
And one last closeup of Reilly's bandanna, courtesy of Mary Lyn!

Oh and I almost forgot... Reilly POST party in his new bed.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reilly has a Fan!

Can you believe it? My little crack in the box has a fan base! :) When Doug and I picked him up from daycare last night a VERY nice lady brought him out and was gushing about how much she loved him.

He's her FAVORITE dog in daycare and she always wants to be with him when he's there. She said that she is one of the few people that he listens too. And in fact, when he gets in trouble in daycare and she's there, he runs over to her and sits on her feet. That's his sign that he wants to be comforted.

She gave him a super bath yesterday - scrubbed him down good. She said he loved it(really???).

It was very sweet and I was very touched.

Bed update: He has it and has managed to sleep ( as with all his beds) with only his butt and legs on it( tell me again why I spent $200 on a bed for his butt???). I was surprised it was comfortable that way bc it is raised and has something of a lip on it, but oh well.....

And Intermediate obedience is going. Slowly..... We are going to go home and practice heeling tonight and PLACE AGAIN!!! :)

Updates to come.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Love Good Customer Service

About a month ago, I ordered what I thought was a really snazzy bed for Reilly from Orvis. It wasn't the one I wanted, but I was trying to save some money. When the bed arrived, it was WAY to small for my stretchy dog( it said up to 70 lbs, but I don't see how). Plus I hated the fabric. So I sent it back and broke down and got the one I wanted originally.

Doesn't it look all cuddly and comfy????

Well my luck, the stupid bed was on back order, bc apparently EVERYONE wanted this cuddly bed. I was finally told it would ship on 10/24. I got a notice that it shipped yesterday and they OVERNIGHTED it! YAY for Orvis! I am guessing that since I had to wait so long to get it, they expedited the shipping!

I have had great experience with them and I love shopping with them!

So tonight, after a hard day of daycare, Reilly will have a new bed to cuddle up in.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just An Update

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. But a lot has been happening and it's been a very busy time.

First off, Doug's nephew ( Pictured in the last blog post) is done with his "boot leave" and is off to Jacksonville NC for training.

Secondly I am now gainfully employed! The company I have been temping for offered me a job last week and I happily accepted.

Let's see what else?

Oh, Reilly and I have signed up for Intermediate Ob. We really need it, I think and it will be fun. I had to buy him a special bed for it though, so he can learn the "place" command. This is the bed:And of course, since he is spoiled, then I had to get the sheepskin cover to go over it. But I am sure it will all be worth it ;).

Friday night I went to the Opera and saw Madama Butterfly. It was interesting, but the director did some visual things that detracted from the overall look of the opera.

Halloween is approaching - our FAVORITE time of year. We got a HUGE pumpkin yesterday courtesy of our neighbors who went to N Ga to the pumpkin patches. So that's on our "to do " list for this week.

That's it for now, I'll keep you posted on the Obediance classes ( ahem)... we'll see how that goes.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our LONG Weekend!

I won't go into too much detail, but suffice to say, our weekend had it's ups and downs.  It was nice to see Doug's family in Beaufort SC and very moving to watch his oldest nephew graduate from USMC boot camp at Parris Island. 

Here's a picture of Doug and Cameron right after

We are very proud of Cam and after some leave, he's off to his next training station in Jacksonville NC.

While in Beaufort we took in some of the sights - I love old houses.

After the graduation, we were off to meet our friends John and Cat in Savannah.  Savannah is a lovely town - lots of history, alcohol, seafood and ghosts!  It's been named the most haunted city in America.

We stayed in an old factory which I am sure was haunted, but we never saw the resident ghost( thank goodness!) which was right on River Street.

After having spent the first 3 days with family it was time to get a drink.  So we went off to get some Chatham Artillery Punch and do a little shopping.

Apparently this was also Oktoberfest weekend in Savannah( we had NO idea) and on Saturday they were having all kinds of activities like Wiener dog races.  There were TONS of doxies all over the town and it was fun to see them.  Some were all dressed up - but all of them were adorable.  Savannah is very dog friendly and there were a lot of dogs wandering around on Saturday.  We spent some time at the greyhound adoptions, petting on the dear dogs.

We missed Reilly terribly, but we got a bit of a dog fix.

We also went to the old cemetary in town and I am sure we were thought quite morbid for having our picture taken in front of a mausoleum.

After the cemetary, we hit the old Catholic Church:

And of course we did a ghost tour but didn't see anything scary!

Here's some pictures of us at dinner:

Oh and last but not least, we can't forget the USMC mascot - a bulldog:


Reilly did GREAT at the trainer's!  He didn't eat a lot, but he ate some and he was so happy and relaxed when we picked him up.  Not stressed out at all!  He's sacked out now.....