Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

Seriously??? Its been an age since I have blogged but I feel like I never have time to sit down and do it -well that and there are just times that I am NOT inspired.

Life's been running pretty much along normal lines right now - work, work out, dinners with friends and sleep. That's it.

We did have our first agility trial of the year a couple of weekends ago and it was nice to get back in the swing of things with the guys from Southeastern Agility club. They are all so nice and friendly, it's great to use their show as a springboard for the rest of the year. Kudos to them!

It was a good show as usual - and I have to say that Reilly has improved SO MUCH over last year. I know it doesn't look like it to the naked eye, but with a dog like Reilly it's all about baby steps. We are ECSTATIC that we can actually complete an entire course now. We might still get the big E, but we can start and finish and get around without me standing in the middle of the ring yelling for him.

All my other agility peeps have gotten qualifying scores and we haven't yet, which is a bit of a bummer, but I know that one day, if we keep working at it, those purple ribbons are going to pile up like you wouldn't believe. It's just taking Reilly a bit to understand it's a TEAM thing, not the Reilly show. He's remembering to look for me and not just run around willy nilly.

So we have another show this weekend - another nice and easy ASCA show. They are usually small shows which is nice, as they run fast and there's not a lot of hanging around waiting, like we have at the USDAA shows.

Ah and we DID buy some bedroom furniture for the other spare room this weekend. So that makes 2 full spare rooms, which is nice to have.

I can't wait for Spring. My fingers are itching to plant and dig at the new house.

Check out the video - this is a run at Reilly's last show. This is Jumpers. You can see we get stuck in the corner bc I keep pulling him off the jump to move to the left. Totally my fault.