Friday, March 20, 2015

Why So RUDE?

ARGH!  I am so tired of everyone being so RUDE!  I mean, I am not always the nicest person, I DO have moments, as my husband and all my friends can attest to.  Most of the times my rudeness is unintentional.  It's done mostly when I am in a hurry or very busy and I instantly regret my rudeness and if I get a chance I do apologize for being short or unpleasant.

But in the past 2 weeks I encountered people who were just outright rude to me and I am just baffled. They were rude for no reason.  I was not doing anything to them. I was minding my own business, doing my own thing, when they just busted into my business.  I don't want use specifics, so I will use an example.  It was like you were at the gym, and you were using a piece of the equipment and someone came over - WHILE you were using the equipment and just started to change the weights while you were resting between sets.
This is how the conversation would go:

"Um EXCUSE ME?  I am still using this machine.", I say
 " But you were resting", says the rude person.
 " But I have one more set" I counter.
 " Too bad" says rude person, "You can use that machine OVER THERE".

First I was too shocked to do anything. I couldn't believe someone would be THAT rude.  I mean, we are in the South.  The courteous thing to do would be to ask if I was finished, or if they could work in between sets.  I am a reasonable person and I would probably have been happy to accommodate them.  But, to just take over like that and try to kick me off?  The ONLY thing that kept me from making a HUGE scene was that I didn't want to make a HUGE scene and my mother taught me not to yell at my elders.  Although, I do admit I lost it the week before and DID yell at an elder.  My patience only stretches so far at times.  ( sorry Mom ).

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Importance of Good Friends

I am blessed.  I have some of the best friends a person can have.  I have the kind of friends that you can let loose and be yourself around.  I have friends that I can be stupid silly around - and I don't even have to have been imbibing a bit to do it.  They love me for who I am ( at least they say they do) and they aren't afraid to get stupid silly along with me.

I am also fortunate enough to have a wide variety of friends who share my interests.  And sometimes those friends can cross into other groups of friends and that's always fun - I like it when I can introduce new groups and they all get along.  But sometimes they don't mesh and that's ok too.

And it always amazes me how many friends the internet has brought my way.  I have people whom I consider *good* friends, who I have never met in person, but I would not hesitate to stay at their house if invited.  The only reason I haven't met them in person is I haven't made it to their geographic area - or them to mine.

As one of my agility friends commented to me one day, when we were at an out of town show - "
You seem to have a friend in every city".  It's true.  I think I know someone in every area that I travel to.  It's nice.  If I can, I try to meet up with them when I get to their area.  Sometimes they come to the show and visit, or sometimes we meet up for dinner, it just depends on time and scheduling.