Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The BIG 4-0

Yes, ladies and gents, I turned the big FORTY this weekend - ugh..

In my honor, my DH and my friends threw me a John Hughes/80's themed party. It was supposed to be more JH specific, but it was REALLY hard to find costumes that would reflect the genius in his movies.

John was able to score a Red Wings jersey( Cameron from Ferris Bueller) and he's here with DH, pre party:

We had a couple of people show up as Bender( Judd's character from Breakfast Club) but everyone else just got into the 80's spirit.

Here is a picture of Catherine, Wendy and I - again pre party( There are some party pics floating around on FB, I'll let you hunt for those ;) ) :

( you can't see but I am wearing cool pink Converse sneakers!) My hair just didn't want to behave, but I didn't have long hair in the 80's so I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

Our friend Sarah came in a great prom dress she grabbed from a thrift store - it was awesome! I don't have a pic of that though, again see FB.....

We had a great time, some of us drank a bit more than others, and there are some VERY fuzzy moments, but I remember a lot of dancing, laughing and just general fun... oh and Bilijana is never allowed to sing again at a party - that was determined on the spot!

But the dance floor is gone, the only memory that remains is the lone disco ball hanging from the ceiling in the basement, waiting for the next big party. I love having a disco ball in my basement, it's AWESOME!

And A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to my DH - Cat and John( LOVE YOU GUYS!) and all my friends who made it a GREAT birthday.

And a big RASPBERRY to those of you who missed it( but not Susan, since she had to work and couldn't help it. She gets a pass)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What MORE Can I Ask For?

Two weeks post surgery and BOOM - I am feeling like crap all week! What's up? I was supposed to be feeling better? I have nausea, I am achy and just generally feel like crap.

I finally called my dr today and WHAM - drug withdrawal. REALLY? SERIOUSLY? WHY did no one tell me about this post op? Shouldn't this have been included in the little packet I got on what *might* happen after surgery?

UGH! Double UGH! I *WANT* my life back. I am getting tired of this. I want to plant flowers, go to dog shows - hell - I would even like to mow the LAWN!


Ok, enough whining, back to your regularly scheduled programming.