Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We have MOVED!

Finally the big move is complete! Thank goodness!!! Reilly is starting to settle in and we are slowly unpacking and finding our things.

Thanks to our WONDERFUL friends( Cat, John, Libby and Wendy) we are unpacked enough to function. Cat and Lib got the kitchen, pantry and bed set up, while DH and John got the movie theater running.( THAT thrilled the girls!). Then Wendy came over and helped unpack all the clothes. They are still in disarray, but we can at least get dressed for work. :)

We have internet, I've changed addresses on things till I am blue in the face. Got surveys done and hopefully will have a small fence installed next week. It's not as big of an area as we wanted to fence in, but we are running a bit short in the ready cash area. So we scaled it down a bit and it will be enough to get Reilly through the winter. He can at least go out and use the area, and hang out a bit. Fortunately, there is a nice dog park about 5 minutes away, so we can take him there for a good run, if need be.

That's all the news for now! I will post pictures as soon as Lib sends me the ones she took!