Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Introducing - Boutwell's Life of Reilly!

We had a great weekend at the NADAC show and got our second Q, unfortunately it wasn't in the same class as our other Q, but that's ok! A Q is a Q. And, Reilly came in the top 5 in several of his classes which is really a big deal. We generally run in the largest class - the 20 inch or higher, which is also where all those pesky Border Collies and Aussies run. So for us to get it together and do that well was great.

And( drum roll please) for the first time ever in a show, he had a start line stay! AMAZING! Usually he's off and running as soon as I can rip the collar from his neck. But this time he sat and stayed until I released him. Again - AMAZING!

Our next show is an AKC show( ack! literally) and then an ASCA show, same day, same facility - we're just going to hop back and forth and make the ASCA show our base camp.

So since he had to have a NAME and be registered for the AKC show, his official AKC name is now Boutwell's Life of Reilly. Spiffy huh?

Here are some pics from the show. We had a great photographer who did a really good job getting the black dogs to show up well!