Monday, January 25, 2010

He Went to Paris

DH is travelling again, the first time in about a year. This trip is a 3 week long excursion to Paris, then India. Maybe Frankfort, but we don't know yet.

So he arrived in Paris this morning( midnight our time). I always ask him to text me when he lands so that I know he got there ok. Unfortunately this time I was DEAD to the world and having a great dream and my vibrating BB scared the crap out of me. But I was glad to see that he got there ok and texted him back. Apparently I was sleep texting because I meant to say: Sorry ( the trip was bumpy) and I am glad you got there. Apparently it came out as Sorru - I am glod I R there. :)... So texting at night is not my strong suit.

Meanwhile, back here, Reilly and I are going to try to keep busy while he's gone. I am going to take off this weekend to Charlotte for some girl fun and he's going to go to camp at Auntie S's house.

Then the following weekend we are having some people over, and a new doggie friend for him too. And if I have to, it will be DAYCARE for him :)....... So far he's been mopey though, so I won't subject him to daycare if he's not feeling up to it.

Reilly and I are also going to be doing some creative cooking... so stay tuned!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Big Brewing Experiment(i.e. it failed)

And probably for a number of reasons, but the beer never did get started fermenting. One reason could be that the weekend that we decided to do it, it was SO COLD outside and in the house, that it just never got to the right temperature.

OR it could be that we totally screwed something up( which is highly likely).

OR it could have just been a bad batch of something. Who knows? So DH dumped the batch yesterday( yes my entire house smelled like beer for hours) and so we will start over again. In fact, he should be at the beer place right now, replenishing the supplies. Must be nice to have a day off :). But we won't get to restart the brewing till he returns from his 3 week jaunt to Paris and India. But that's fine with me. It's an exhausting process and I need to work myself up to it.

Other than that, we don't have too much going on right now. The dog is going nuts being cooped up in the house so much with all the bad weather. He was playing with DH last night and now DH looks like scarface. Reilly got him good with a nice right paw to the face.

Back to work now... some of us have to work on this NATIONAL HOLIDAY. Whatever.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Seems Like an Age

Since I have blogged and it has been. I miss it and I am determined to get back to it on a regularly scheduled basis - maybe this week.

Life keeps hitting us with the unexpected here in the new house. This week it was a busted water heater. That's fine we dealt except that it took an extra day to get it installed since we had SNOW and ICE and the guys couldn't get here till Sat. So it broke on Tues -we had hot water on Sat. I finally got tired of waiting and did all the clothing laundry in cold water. And I got really tired of showering at the gym. But I have to say I am thankful that we had water at all. Had we had no water, it would have been a hotel for the 3 of us. There are 2 things I don't deal with well - no water and no AC. ( well and roaches, but that was when we lived in FL.)

I did feel a bit like pioneer woman, or like I was camping, I would heat water to wash the dishes - so it was a bit of an adventure. But I was drawing the line at heating water and scrubbing the clothes!

Today( first whole day of hot water) we brewed beer.... We did an IPA and in 4 weeks, we will see whether or not we spent 8 hours and endless $$ to poison our friends.

Taking DH out to dinner, since I missed my awesome dinner the other night and I am SICK of cooking.