Friday, April 25, 2008

It's done!

Well the wisdom teeth are out and I am bit worse for wear. The surgery itself was a breeze between the gas and then the nice IV with the sleepy fluid in it. We were out of there in 30 minutes, and I was home an hour after my appt time.

Reilly has been a very good nurse, although I think we are wearing on his nerves with all of this "being home"..... Why aren't we gone to leave him alone to sleep???

DH has been great too, as we've been doing a lot of laundry and prep for his trip on Thursday. So he's been really helpful and very understanding of my drugged rambling.

No swollen face, no bruises, so all is good in that area. I just need to be able to chew and get rid of this pesky headache!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Stay Tuned.....

Next week is a BIG week for me. I have put off for 20 years, the removal of my wisdom teeth. Now that I am 38, it has been determined that they must come out. My dentist refuses to fill them and they are starting to get cavities. So out they come.

I'm going to a really great oral surgeon( he removed DH's) but I am still nervous about the whole process. Especially since when my regular dentist filled a tooth a couple of weeks ago, he left a huge bruise on the side of my mouth. ( Not his fault, I have a tiny tiny mouth). So I am really worried about what my face will look like after having 4 PULLED.

On top of that, DH is leaving on Sat( I am having them pulled Thurs) for Geneva. So I hope I am up and functional by then, and not still lounging around whining :)....

Luckily I have good friends I can call if I need too - but stii, I waited on him hand and foot when he had his out. Who is going to get my Chick Fil A milkshakes? Last time I checked, Reilly couldn't drive!!!

I'll post an update after surgery when I am lucid :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's not easy being green( or yellow)

Welcome to GA in the spring. Every year come April, the Peach state becomes the pollen state and we all suffer.

This is a picture of a table on my porch. And it doesn't stop there. My car, my lungs and my dog are covered in green. The flowers are beautiful and actually not our problem. It's the pine trees. You can just see the pollen falling from them at any given time.

It's no wonder I spend a small fortune on tissues!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We've moved into the big time now.

So Angela is getting a pool and we just dropped an insane amount of money on a 52 inch LCD HDTV. Now once you make a purchase like this( and it was an impulse buy by DH) you have to get all the equipment to go with it. So not only did we go overboard on the TV, we then had to invest in a new entertainment center.

But wait, the joy does not stop there. WHY bother having a nice TV without a new blu ray player?? Who wants just old dvd's???
So this past weekend we went out and bought not a blu ray player but a PS3( more bang for the buck apparently). But then, we needed and AV receiver to hook everything up to. Wait, there's more.... for all this fancy equipment you need fancy cords. One cord - ONE cost $150.00. And we needed 3! Not of the same type, but something of a similar nature.

All of the upheaval happened this past Saturday when the furniture came. Reilly was out of sorts all day with all of the mess in the house. He doesn't like mess. But the tv is awesome! One last piece of the puzzle comes on Friday and that's the HD DVR from the satellite people and we are set to go.

Now if I can just figure out how to use all the remotes......