Monday, July 12, 2010

The Life of Reilly

Oh what it would be like to be my dog! This past week we finally bit the bullet and enclosed the meadow below our house, or " the South Forty" as it is affectionately called.

It cost a bundle! Three gates and 698 feet of fence later and my dog is SO happy!!!

Friday night the fence was complete, so his BFF Gretchen came over and they had a lot of fun. Well, Reilly had fun, poor Gretch is a bit out of shape for that kind of running. But that's ok, we'll get her back in shape again.

Saturday morning Reilly got up BRIGHT and early ready to go down there to play. Unfortunately *I* was not up for going down there with him and the area is still new, so I am kind of still watching him when he's down there. ( Pretty soon he'll be able to go on his own).

We finally got down there Sat evening and played a bit. I was getting ready to head up to the house to get a drink and then call him up later when the coyotes started sounding off. So I thought better of leaving him down there alone.

Sunday morning when he got me up, I went down there with him and read my book, till he came up and told me he was ready to go back inside( this heat is killing us ALL!).

He's having a great time and I LOVE seeing him run full speed through the grass chasing his ball or frisbee! Last night he capped off his evening of play with a REALLY good roll in the grass. He was in heaven!