Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weekend with the horses

This past weekend( Wed - Sunday) I had the pleasure of being the paddock master at our local Georgia Arabian horseshow. It was a big show for us, 4 days with 2 regional qualifiers back to back. WHEW! A lot of horses and a lot of long hours in the hot GA sun.

Despite the heat, everything went well and I only got slightly crispy. Thanks to hubby forcing me to get 60plus sunblock.

My friend's 13 year old daughter came and she was my right hand the entire weekend. She was trying to get some service hours for her beta club. She got them alright!!!! She only needed 30 but we ended up clocking 51.5 hours for the 4 days. WHEW again!!!!

She was a trooper though and when my old legs couldn't do it she made the runs for me.

Hubby was stuck home with the 2 dogs( we have a guest) and he did a great job. Reilly pouted for about the first hour I was home, then stuck to me like glue. Tonight, Doug is at the Rush concert, so I have mowed the front lawn and am hanging with the dogs. Reillybug went to daycare today and he's passed out on the floor. :)

It's off to make some dinner, if I get some good pics from the show I'll post them later.


  1. The show sounds like so much fun, and I am proud of you for clocking 51 hours in that miserable heat!

    Oh, and I'm SUPER jealous that Doug got to see Rush!!


  2. I'd love to see pictures of your weekend. Sounds like fun inspite of the heat.

  3. It was a lot of fun, and WAYYY too hot. I'm glad we moved it from Aug to June. I can't imagine being out there in August. Angela, too bad I didn't know you were a Rush fan, they had extra tickets!