Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We've moved into the big time now.

So Angela is getting a pool and we just dropped an insane amount of money on a 52 inch LCD HDTV. Now once you make a purchase like this( and it was an impulse buy by DH) you have to get all the equipment to go with it. So not only did we go overboard on the TV, we then had to invest in a new entertainment center.

But wait, the joy does not stop there. WHY bother having a nice TV without a new blu ray player?? Who wants just old dvd's???
So this past weekend we went out and bought not a blu ray player but a PS3( more bang for the buck apparently). But then, we needed and AV receiver to hook everything up to. Wait, there's more.... for all this fancy equipment you need fancy cords. One cord - ONE cost $150.00. And we needed 3! Not of the same type, but something of a similar nature.

All of the upheaval happened this past Saturday when the furniture came. Reilly was out of sorts all day with all of the mess in the house. He doesn't like mess. But the tv is awesome! One last piece of the puzzle comes on Friday and that's the HD DVR from the satellite people and we are set to go.

Now if I can just figure out how to use all the remotes......


  1. WOW and this explains why I still have a basic 27" old tv set and plain satellite. We spend all our money on a boat.

    Sounds really cool. I can't wait to see it, swim in Angela's pool and meet Reilly.

  2. A smaller living room has it's advantages! DH selected a 40" Samsung 1080p with the 120 Hz processor (for sports). Then, he was awarded a patent and used the following bonus on a PS3. We have the same receiver. Of course, this is all well and good if we are watching something actually broadcast in HD...

  3. Robin, you come on up and visit anytime!

    Steph, don't feel bad. We just made the decision today to upgrade our pool decking to flagstone. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cHIIIIINNNGGG... (that's the sound of me working from home once we have kids, to pay for all this stuff we're spending!!!)

  4. I feel for you. We recently bought a Wii. In addition to all the Wii stuff-controllers, games, rechargers, etc--we had to get a new tv to play it on and a new custom cabinet to put it in. And the worst is that I never get a turn anywhere near the things--it's always Dennis or the kids' turn!

  5. But we have a TINY living room! DH did the math and figured out the biggest set we could fit without going blind.

  6. It looks awesome though! You'll love it. It looks great in the cabinet. We installed our replacement HDMI cable this weekend. Ughhhh. That was a chore. But at least it's working again.

  7. It's been a chore but I do love it.
    I am wary of buying too many games though, I don't want to lose my tv! It's bad enough we're getting Guitar Hero for the PS3....

  8. Angela your pool is going to be awesome!