Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

I just want to send everyone a virtual Christmas Card and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

Here is the picture we used for our Christmas Card:

This one is the rejected one. Rejected only because I didn't like the way it looked in any of the card layouts:

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!

All the best
Reilly, Doug and I!


  1. Thanks for sharing them. Reilly was a good boy for the photo shoot, wasn't he? Your tree is lovely.

  2. Thanks. Those were the 2 good photos out of oh, twenty or so :)

  3. Very good pic of Reilly!!! He looks so alert, so how many treats were you holding up?? LOL!!

  4. Merry Christmas! Reilly is very handsome and photogenic!

  5. Merry belated Christmas! The card pic is way cute!