Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Summerzcool 2009 - Here we come!

This year was definitely our lucky year with regards to Jimmy Buffett tickets! We found out about the tickets 3 days before they went on sale, rallied the troops and got the job done. It was definitely a group effort.

Saturday morning, I made my way to the nearest Publix to try my luck at drawing a good number in the lottery. The Publix was prepared for us - the woman selling the tickets was wearing a festive tshirt and had Buffett music playing. All in all there were about 15 people in line and once the lottery was over, I had drawn #2! So I called my partners in crime to let them know that since I had #2, I should be able to buy the limit of 6 with no problem and I just needed someone else to get 2 more to complete our order of 8.

Compatriot #1 - or DH, was at home manning the computer- I figured this would be a futile effort since several JB concerts went on sale on Sat and Ticketmaster would be slammed with requests.

Compatriot #2 was at another Publix and number 11 in line. So I was hoping she could get 2 or DH could get 2 and we'd be good.

As 10am approached the anticipation was building in everyone in the line. We were watching the clock and the people behind the counter were announcing the official time to us. Finally it was 10am and we all edged forward towards the counter waiting for the first tickets to start printing out. And we wait, and wait and wait...... The poor woman behind the counter could NOT get logged on to Ticketmaster! ARGH! I felt so bad for her, she was trying so hard to get in but the *&^%$#$ing computer would not cooperate.

Meanwhile DH calls to say that he got 4 tickets online. ( why only 4 I don't know). So I tell him to get back on and get 4 more!!! So in a panic he logs back on and tries to get more tickets.

We are still waiting, and waiting and waiting on the computer to cooperate. DH calls back, he's got 6 more tickets and we are on our way!

At that point, the woman behind the counter told people to start calling friends to get on the internet so that they had a chance of getting some tickets. I felt so bad for everyone, but hey, it pays to have a backup plan or 2.

Now you are wondering( if you are not a Parrothead) why it is such a big deal to get tickets and to have people spread out all over town to get them.

Well Compatriot#2 told me when I called her to tell her to pack it in and go home, that the SECOND person in her line was the LAST person to get tickets. That's it, they were sold out in about 6 minutes.

And if I could only go to ONE concert in Atlanta all year, it would have to be this one.

Since we have such a large group going this year, we are definitely getting their early and tailgaiting - in fact we have one person flying from MD, just to experience this first hand for herself with us.

There will be pictures, trust me....... :)


  1. Buffett is the only artist that I would see again without any hesitation. That guy knows how to put on a show! Have a blast!

  2. Fun fun fun! I went to Buffett at Lakewood in college, and had a blast (except that 4 margaritas in dixie cups cost 20 bucks, and the bathrooms were literally half a mile away).

    I also once got to see Buffett in Chatt - front row seats courtesy of a then-boyfriend. It was a great show! Angie was there too except if I remember right her Dad came too. Bummer! LOL

  3. That's why we drink in the parking lot and sober up during the show!