Monday, March 23, 2009

What a Weekend!

WOW! What a weekend we had! Saturday started out with agility class - where I was a totally idiot and couldn't remember a course to save my life! Then moved on to lunch with an old HS friend and concluded with a Southern Living party and dinner with friends.

Sunday was exhausting but wonderful! I took Reilly to his second agility trial and he was a total rockstar! When I got there I was seriously considering pulling out and not running at all - it was being held in a HUGE open field. There were some barriers around the sides and back but NOTHING at all in the front - just vast openness..... Um, not good with a dog that can run 300 miles and hour and be gone in an instant!

BUT my wonderful agility friends convinced me that it would be fine and that they would be there to run interferance in case of a break for freedom. DH was there too, and the hope would be that Reilly would run right to him.

Our first class was Jumpers and he was fantastic! We came in 5th out of 6, but the best part was we didn't get a big E for elimination!! We would have scored higher, but Reilly went into the wrong tunnel. I was able to call him out before he completed the tunnel, but we lost points for that.

The second class was Regulars which is all the obstacles in Agility. He was trucking around the course like a veteran - until the last 2 jumps. He came off the teeter and took off running for his daddy who was standing at the edge of the ring. I was too far behind him to get him back and since there was no barrier in front, there was nothing to stop the run. But that's fine. We got an E, but I was so proud of him for getting that far.

Then the last class was rough. He was getting tired - as we all were. He did the first 5 obstacles then made my greatest fear come to life - he took off running out of the ring. He circled around the left side of the ring towards the road. I just yelled "Somebody PLEASE catch my dog!" - indicating to the crowd that it was fine to grab him, I wasn't going to try to complete the course.

So Doug and my classmates started over to try to get him back - he circled back around, peed on a tree and ran back into the ring like "ok, I just needed a break, but I am back! Let's go!". At that point I just grabbed him and told the judge "Thank you, we're done"! But I was still all smiles because he was just awesome!

We had a good day overall. One of my classmates Q'd and won all of her classes and also won the High Point Novice award. Another Q'd and won one class and the third got 2 seconds and a fourth. So a great day overall.

DH and I were exhausted, but we barely had enough time to get home, eat a quick sandwich and then get ready to go and see Spamalot. That was a really good show. I am so glad we went.

WHEW! That was our weekend in a nutshell! :)


  1. You sure did have a busy & exciting weekend. I'm so glad that Reilly came back to you immediately after peeing. I have been in your shoes with a run-away boxer at the obedience ring. The same boxer that ran away for a week, renting a have-a-heart trap and then finally finding him all starving & banged up.

    Anyhow, it all ended well and congrats to your friend who won a lot of awards.

    Big hugs to you, Doug & Reilly.

  2. Thanks! It was a wild weekend, that's for sure!

  3. Whoa, what a whirlwind!! I've chased flat out, so glad all he wanted to do was take a break!!

  4. Sounds like fun! I keep worrying that Pix is going to take off like that, and we'll never see her again, all because we are too undisciplined to walk her on leash for every outie. But so far, so good. The other day, I saw a squirrel before she did, and did not let her out as a result. Went back for the leash!