Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Car Update

The dogmoble went to the body shop yesterday and apparently there is more damage than meets the eye. Luckily all the parts are in stock and will only take a day or 2 to get to the shop. The financial damage is around 4,000.00 and I am hoping to get it back by the 15th - which would be nice since we have a big agility trial that weekend and I would love to have my car back.

On the rental car side, my insurance pays $30 a day towards a rental through Enterprise. I am not fond of Enterprise, not having had good luck with them before and while the people there are nice this time, the cars are not the best by a long shot. The first car I got was a Grand Prix and it was filthy and had almost 40,000 miles on it - hard miles. I drove it over the weekend and decided that I really needed to upgrade. So the nice lady at Enterprise who has put up with me and my indecision, put me in a Trailblazer for about $5 out of pocket a day. So I am now driving that. It's still seen some hard times, but not as bad as the Grand Prix. And I feel much better being in a car that's higher off the ground and has more room for Reilly.

Tonight, hopefully, I can pick up the police report. I keep checking and it's never ready...... I hope that this guy has insurance and that he is going to have to pay for all this crap I am going through.

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  1. I am just so sorry your beautiful new car got injured! This sucks. Hope all is back to normal soon. Hugs to you and Reilly!