Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Seems Like an Age

Since I have blogged and it has been. I miss it and I am determined to get back to it on a regularly scheduled basis - maybe this week.

Life keeps hitting us with the unexpected here in the new house. This week it was a busted water heater. That's fine we dealt except that it took an extra day to get it installed since we had SNOW and ICE and the guys couldn't get here till Sat. So it broke on Tues -we had hot water on Sat. I finally got tired of waiting and did all the clothing laundry in cold water. And I got really tired of showering at the gym. But I have to say I am thankful that we had water at all. Had we had no water, it would have been a hotel for the 3 of us. There are 2 things I don't deal with well - no water and no AC. ( well and roaches, but that was when we lived in FL.)

I did feel a bit like pioneer woman, or like I was camping, I would heat water to wash the dishes - so it was a bit of an adventure. But I was drawing the line at heating water and scrubbing the clothes!

Today( first whole day of hot water) we brewed beer.... We did an IPA and in 4 weeks, we will see whether or not we spent 8 hours and endless $$ to poison our friends.

Taking DH out to dinner, since I missed my awesome dinner the other night and I am SICK of cooking.


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  1. That water heater thing sucks! Glad you guys are back in business. Can't wait to hear about the beer brewing experiment!