Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weather, weather weather!!!!!

When I said I wanted a rainy Sunday, I didn't mean with tornados!!! Good grief! We've had some bad storms hit the Atlanta area today and my normally unshakeable dog was wedged firmly between my legs as I sat on the couch watching the weather.

Once the satellite went out, we had to rely on the sky to tell us what was going on. Thankfully we didn't get any tornadoes and our trees are still standing. Reilly, in his relief, has fallen asleep at my feet.

We've had very weird weather here in the south this winter. Snow twice in one week and then warm weather, cold weather, all kinds of weather.

For instance it was in the 60s and very mild yesterday. Mild enough to bathe 2 horses and sit outside on the porch while watching the dogs play. The today, total destruction.

We're lucky, and I am thanking my stars we are still sitting in a safe, warm house.

Here are some pictures from our snow day.

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