Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party!

There was a Halloween Party at the dog trainer's on Sat so Reilly and I stayed after class to attend! I have a couple of pictures. The first one, is Reilly in his bandanna. He was pretty fried - there was a lot going on.

And we had to give a short agility demo, along with another dog in our class. He did pretty well considering ;)....

Here's our trainer Sonja with her dog Nege:

And this is Mimi - the woman who takes such great care of Reilly when we board him!
And one last closeup of Reilly's bandanna, courtesy of Mary Lyn!

Oh and I almost forgot... Reilly POST party in his new bed.


  1. I didn't realize how much the bed dwarfed Reilly. It looks so comfy. Can you throw it in the washer? Mine can be but I haven't put it in the dryer yet.

    Fun party.

  2. This one the cover can be washed.

  3. Too, too cute! Look's like he had a blast!

  4. I love Reilly's bandanna. Mary Lynn makes the best bandannas! Looks like everybody had a great day. And wow, Tristan and Sophie are jealous of Reilly's bed!