Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reilly has a Fan!

Can you believe it? My little crack in the box has a fan base! :) When Doug and I picked him up from daycare last night a VERY nice lady brought him out and was gushing about how much she loved him.

He's her FAVORITE dog in daycare and she always wants to be with him when he's there. She said that she is one of the few people that he listens too. And in fact, when he gets in trouble in daycare and she's there, he runs over to her and sits on her feet. That's his sign that he wants to be comforted.

She gave him a super bath yesterday - scrubbed him down good. She said he loved it(really???).

It was very sweet and I was very touched.

Bed update: He has it and has managed to sleep ( as with all his beds) with only his butt and legs on it( tell me again why I spent $200 on a bed for his butt???). I was surprised it was comfortable that way bc it is raised and has something of a lip on it, but oh well.....

And Intermediate obedience is going. Slowly..... We are going to go home and practice heeling tonight and PLACE AGAIN!!! :)

Updates to come.

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  1. Whoa, Reilly needs a MySpace page now and then he's all set. LOL! My dogs used to sleep half on/off their beds. I just don't get it.