Sunday, February 14, 2010

He's home and he's sick( or driving adventures in the snow)

DH got home on Thursday right before the snow started - thank goodness. Here are some snow pics in case you aren't on FB.

My snowy nosed dog.....

Our backyard was a winter wonderland. Too bad we really didn't feel like going out and playing in it.

So we've had a quiet weekend at home, both due to the snow and DH's illness - whatever it is that's plaguing him is a doozy - I don't know if it's super jet lag or if he's really sick. If he's not recovered by tomorrow, I will get him into the dr.

Meanwhile I did venture out briefly with Cat yesterday to go and see Mamma Mia( the musical) at the Fox Theatre. Thankfully we had tickets to the matinee, bc if we had to go out last night and see it, I think we would have passed. The main roads were fine - and we had no incidents till we got into a parking lot. We decided to use one down the street from the theater - it was easy to get into and it was only $10. So we pull in, only to find out that there's no more room at the inn. Fine. Whatever. I was tempted to curse the poor man into the ground, but since I am a Southern lady, I held my tongue.

In order to get out of the parking lot, we had to drive down a hill, and then back up the same hill on the other side. And since the owners of the lot didn't have the foresight to SAND or SALT the lot, this was trickier than it looked. We managed to get down the hill and turn to go back up without taking any lives or parked cars with us. BUT then halfway UP the hill, some MORON was trying to go DOWN the hill on the same side as us, effectively breaking the law of the parking lot.

We were at a standstill, on an incline in total slush. Icy slush at that. After the stare down(which I won by the way) he backed up and proceeded to descend the hill in the correct direction. But it was too late. At that point I was stuck. Not just stuck, but sliding.

Now I am not dumb and I was doing my best, but my car would NOT go forward, but just kept sliding down and sideways ( moving closer to aforementioned parked cars) everytime I tried to go forward. I had to lean out and tell the people walking behind me to please move so they didn't get squashed. And in turn, I had to ask them to tell the woman in the VW bug to PLEASE GET OFF MY A$$ so that I didn't squash her - well like a bug.....

But this NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE (forever my hero) man who MUST be a transplant from the north, helped me get my car unstuck( strike one for front wheel drive) and moving again. He literally risked life and limb - had I started to slide again, he would have been squished into another car. He pushed my driver's side door while telling me the best way to get my traction back. ( and as a side note it was nice to hear that the reason I was stuck was bc there wasn't enough WEIGHT in the front - flattery will get you everywhere!)

As we got moving again, Cat and I both rolled down our windows and screamed THANK YOU! I hope he heard us.

The musical was very entertaining and the ride home much less hair raising than the ride in.

Now, Reilly and I are going to go spend the rest of our Valentine's Day watching the Winter Olympics.....

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