Monday, February 8, 2010

Three Days and Counting

till DH comes home and I tell you Reilly and I cannot wait! It's hard enough to communicate when he is in Europe, but throw in a 10.5 hour time difference and there is only a small window of time when we are all awake.

Fortunately Reilly has been a little more occupied this weekend than last weekend. My friend Adj brought her dog Doc( smooth collie) over to play with him this weekend. I wasn't concerned as Reilly usually doesn't have issues with any other dogs. But he seemed to take issue with Doc and for a few minutes I was worried we'd have to keep them separate for the evening. But after a few minutes of the growlies, Reilly play bowed and invited Doc into his world. The rest is history. They played all day and all night.

Then Sunday we had agility class and that got him thinking and he has been worn out all day. He slept most of Sunday and a lot with me today. I was home today with a sore back - and it's feeling better it- was a much needed rest.

My big plan for the entire time DH was gone - was to paint the hideous blue bedroom. Unfortunately I chose a nice beige color with a fancy name :) and it's going to take 3 coats to cover it so the room is NOT done. Not for lack of effort. Sarah came over and helped trim out the tall part yesterday( it helps to have a tall friend) and then Cat came over today and did some more work. So it's started and it will eventually be finished, just later than I planned. A snow weekend would come in handy to get it done.

Well my dog has deserted me - there must be something more interesting upstairs. And I guess I should go and eat something. All meds and no food is not a good combo.
Boutwell out.

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  1. So did it get finished? I know you and Reilly are so glad to have Doug home!

    Be sure to post pics on FB or blog when the room is done. I'd love to see the color!