Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Little More Under Control

Life is getting a little more under control now that we have Dad on hospice and the visits are on a regular schedule. Reilly has gotten used to all the in and out of the house and he is almost inseparable from Dad when we are not home. It helps that Dad keeps treats in his room for him.

It's very sweet to watch Reilly go in and check on Dad. Whenever we go up the stairs, his room is the first place that he runs to poke his head in and he has to see what he's doing. When we get up in the morning, he immediately runs to his door wanting in.

I want to say how very thankful I am for our good friends. Without their( and you know who you are) physical and emotional support, this would have been a much more difficult time. There aren't too many people who would give up entire Saturdays to go and so some really heavy cleaning and lifting and I think that DH and I have the market cornered on those friends.... So our endless thanks to those who are there for us.

So right now, it's just a day to day thing. We've gotten back into a routine and are trying to be as normal as possible. Gym, Agility and dinner's out are the norm again and we are just hanging in there.

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