Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer is over, or so we hope!

WOW, what a long hot summer it's been here in the south. Its been totally miserable temperature wise, and just busy as heck. We did find time to sneak off to Williamsburg in July right before all the craziness started and I think that helped keep us sane, although it was almost a thousand degrees there and DH ended up with a tick.

But on the news front ( drum roll please....) the DH is FINALLY turning FORTY!!!!! He's the last of the "old gang" to turn and we all can't wait. It gets tiring listening to how old we are and he's not ;).... So let's all raise a glass to him on Monday.

Also having a birthday of some number not to be named is my friend Luann, so Happy Birthday to you too Luann!

Reilly is doing well. He's a goofball, but he and dad are getting along like gangbusters so that's good.

Busy weekend ahead - but it's supposed to rain on Sunday and usher in that Fall weather so I say Bring IT ON!

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