Saturday, April 21, 2007

The last night of a nice long visit

We've been dogsitting for some very good friends of ours, that went on an extended vacation to Europe. Or I should say that REILLY and I have been dogsitting, as Doug has been out of town pretty much since Tucker got here.

Tucker's a very sweet beagle girl - most of you who read my blog are familiar with her, and it's just been a joy to have her around. Despite some initialy joggling of beds and space, she and Reilly have gotten along like gangbusters, even sleeping on the same bed at night. ( although I think that was more of Tucker's choice than Reilly's).

So tommorrow she leaves. It's been a peaceful visit - she and Reilly have played- sometimes too rough on his part, but she's never afraid to let him know. She's enjoyed a lot of outside time in our backyard and today she was our official mascot for our garage sale.

I left Reilly at home to play with his neighbor buddies in our backyard and I took Tucker down to the garage sale with me a few houses down. She was a queen and enjoyed getting LOTS and LOTS of pats from the kids that came to the sale with their parents.

Now they are both sacked out - it's been a long active day and they are ready for bed( as am I.)

I think Reilly will miss her very much, in some respects, but in others, he enjoys being my baby boy.

I know he'll be glad to see Doug tomorrow when he finally gets home and Tucker will be excited to see her mom and dad too.

Here's a picture of them out playing.

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