Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rembering Connor

Four years ago today, we sent our beloved beagle Connor to the Bridge. It's the most heartrending decision any animal lover has to make, even when it's obviously the right one.

We got him as a small puppy from a backyard breeder, not knowing any better, and yet he was a wonderful dog despite his long illnesses. He was courageous through all of them, and he never complained. Finally, at the end, he told us he was tired of living in a body that didn't work right, and he didn't have the strength to struggle on anymore.

So we let him go - after 11 years of being the biggest part of our hearts and lives, we let him go. And until Reilly - that part of our heart was just a big empty hole.

I still miss him everyday and there are pictures of him everywhere, memories that people share and his urn, next to my bed where I say goodnight every night.

My friends and I have lost too many of our heart dogs to illness and old age, too many to count - Daisy, Apollo, Roxy, Sweet Keesha, Mandy, Mitsy, Doc, Annie, Angel, Beckett, Journey, Chugach, Alex, Tux,Cory, Darcy, Maggie and Caitlin - just to name a few...

The only comfort that we have is that they are all at the Bridge together, watching over us and each other and keeping each of us company until we get there and can all be reuinited.

Connor November 1992-April 25, 2003


  1. Ahhhh, yep. They're all having a good time up there. I'm sure they've found each other.

  2. Connor was fortunate to have traveled with you, Steph. You took care of him, you kept him comfortable, you made him happy. You learned from each other and you loved each other. None of that is ever lost. It's an energy that continues.