Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween and Our Great Weekend Away!

First off Halloween. Now we had a nice Halloween with friends. Some of them brought their kids over to trick or treat in our neighborhood and it made for a nice evening.

I had to take this picture to share though - I don't know whose sippy cup it is, but hey - this is how we party in our group!
This is an adorable picture - Veronica and Jake. They went trick or treating together and they both had a really good time.

Saturday morning Reilly went to "camp" while we loaded up and went to Chattanooga for the night with some friends of ours. When in Chattanooga the aquarium is a must! There is no way I could post all of the pictures that Doug took at the Aquarium( thank GOD for digital cameras) but here's one of my favorites:

I just love the seahorses. We took tons of penguin pictures also.

There was also a big crewing competition in Chattanooga during the weekend "Head of the Hooch". It was really interesting to watch - lots of colleges, high schools and even the Olympic team was there.

We ate at a great Italian restuarant on Sat night called Tony's. Fresh pasta! It was fabulous!

Sunday morning Doug and I woke up sick and we've been sick ever since. But before we left on Sunday we did a cruise through the Tennessee River Gorge on their new Hyrofoil boat. It was pretty cool and we had great weather for it. This is us, getting ready to get on the boat:

It sucked that we got sick, but thankfully Chattanooga is only an hour and a half away. So we got home picked up Reilly and headed to bed!!!! :)

Now only SIXTEEN DAYS till we are cruising in the Caribbean with our friends Bill and Susan! Rum punch here we come!!!!


  1. I'm so glad I'm first and that you enjoyed our little neck of the woods! Sorry you got sick though. Tony's is good and next time hop over to Rembrandt's for great chocolate and coffee!!

  2. Sorry to hear that you're sick. Sounds like a great weekend though. What Port are you leaving out of? Let me know if you're in the area.

    Have a blast.

    Robin (Why do I have sign anonymous now?)

  3. We're leaving out of Ft Lauderdale and we're only going to have a small window of time, or we'd come by. We are driving down on Sat and getting there in the evening then the boat leaves on Sunday.

  4. Get yourselves WELL before that cruise, so you can relax and enjoy! I can't wait to see the pics - I need some island water and sun to balance the gloom this afternoon.

    PS you know I'm from Chattanooga - so if you guys ever want to go back let us know and we'll go with ya!

  5. We're trying to get well!!!!

    And we would love to go to Chattanooga with you and Daniel!

  6. Oh my, you were here and I didn't even know it?! Next time, let me know that you're coming and I would love to finally get to meet you! And Tony's is one of my absolute FAVE places in this city! The bread at the beginning is awesome.