Monday, November 17, 2008

FOUR Days and counting......

Until we are on our way to FL for our cruise. The worst part about vacationing, is missing Reilly - but he's in good hands with Mimi. So I won't worry too much.

We're just about ready to go - hair is done, waxing is done - all I need is a pedi. And we need to pack. But I am going to do that ( hopefully) on Thursday. I have a sleep study on Wed night and it might spill into Thurs - but I hope not. Then I can have the whole day off!

So off we go!!!!


  1. OK and of course your ship has wireless internet so you can give us a daily update, right?? LOL!

  2. Well it does and our friends will have internet in their room, to check on their business, so MAYBE :)

  3. Hope you have THE most fabulous time, perfect weather and great experiences!

  4. Hope you guys have an awesome trip! When you get back we should have a Pixie Munchkin for you to meet so we have to get together soon!!