Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Gray" is not a natural hair color!

In anticipation of our cruise( T minus 9 days and counting) I went to get my hair cut, colored and highlighted on Tues night. I decided to try a new salon( dangerous, I know) and was looking forward to seeing what this person could do for me.

We sat down for the consultation and I told her what I wanted. I wanted my natural color back, plus some highlights and a cut.

As she is evaluating my hair the conversation went something like this:

ME - " I want my natural color with some highlights"
HER - " Well your natural color is gray"
ME - "Um, no it's not... it's brown"
HER -" Well all I see is gray - what color brown would you like?"

I pulled out a piece from underneath my hair and showed her the color I wanted. I didn't quite get what I wanted, it's a little darker, but it works.

Gray! HMPF!


  1. Oh I am so with you on this and no, gray is not a natural haircolor! I was not born gray and I will not go gray. Totally unnatural! I enjoy picking my natural color now, whether I'm in the mood for brown, red, black or blond, if I'm wearing it, it IS my NATURAL color!!

  2. I'm with you! Although I am not the best looking blond - so I tend to stay in my natural range!

  3. Well in my case the color in question isn't gray, it's white.... but I know JUST what you mean! I feel very lucky that I can now be whatever color I feel like being at the time. YAY! And have a fabulous time on your cruise!

  4. You should have fired her on the spot. You're not so gray that she couldn't see what your natural brown color was/is. You want a stylist that compliments you and works for that tip!

  5. My hair is blonde but it does get dull in the fall.Grey is not a good thing to have in hair.

  6. Oh and We ( DH & I love the music choices especially Monty Python)

  7. My hair is dark brown so the gray really shows through.

    Thanks, I love the music too!

  8. Horror! That stylist would've been on the ground after a comment like that to me. I'm impressed by your restraint.