Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bark in the Park

Last night was Bark in the Park at Turner Field - the Braves were playing the Pirates. But who cared about the game? The important thing was that we got to take the DOGS! A lot of people showed up with their dogs and it was really awesome. There was plenty of ice and water, misting fans and wading pools to keep the dogs cool. Reilly would have none of that, of course - he was having too much fun looking around at everything.

We went with our friends Mo and Veronica. DH was supposed to go, but he's sick :( So they stepped in and came with us. Reilly and I came dressed up - he was in his 4th of July Bandanna and I was in my Reilly shirt( a new one, courtesy of Cat. ) So everyone knew he was Reilly :).

We got there in good time and got some good pictures.

As any good mom would, I bought Reilly a 6.00 hot dog which he proceeded to spit out. Ok, ok, that was fine, I could deal with that. Then I got him some doggy ice cream which he usually loves - NOPE - no ice cream either. So I just gave up trying to get him to eat something.

He looked around a lot - and even went to sleep for a bit( not a baseball fan I guess) but was SO good for the entire time! I was very proud of him. He got through the scary bits, which included going to the bathroom with me. He hates bathroom stalls.

There were lots of cute dressed up dogs there, including a beagle next to us named Connor.

Here are some more pictures. We will definitely do it again, as long as it's a night game. The day games would be way too hot for him.

A BIG Thanks to the Atlanta Braves Organization for making it a great night!


  1. Looks like so much fun! And that is so sweet about the beagle named Connor. Awwwwwww!! I wish we could have made it, but it has just been nuts this week at work.

    PS I LOVE the Reilly shirt!


  2. I know! We would have loved to have you there. The next one is 9/6 but it's a Sunday afternoon and I think it will be too hot.

  3. What a great time!! Our little dog Oliver would have a blast!

  4. It was fun! I was trying to get my friend, who also has an Oliver to come too.

  5. LOVE the shirt!! And that's way cool that the Braves do this for dog lovers. I wonder if our local minor league team has a day like this? I'll have to check on that.

    We went to a GSD breeder last week, to check out their facilities and their latest little. It was a GREAT visit and I think we might have some exciting news this Fall! :-)