Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I know, I know, I got behind again!!!!

I know, I have gotten behind in my blogging again, but life has just been crazy! Between dog trials and horse shows and trying to get the house ready to sell, I haven't had much computer time. But I'll post a quick update!

The last weekend in May, we attended our last agility trial till Sept. We didn't get any ribbons, but for us it was pretty good. Reilly ran some nice courses, but we didn't get a good score for various reasons. One thing was that *I* got confused at one point and directed him over the wrong jump. And then another time, Reilly was tempted to go into the tunnel, instead of another obstacle. He was VERY good and did NOT go in the tunnel. Unfortunately, the tunnel was the obstacle with the ending timer on it, and by sticking his nose in there, he stopped the timer. So we got penalties for that. Then we had a PERFECT regular round but still got eliminated. Why? Because Reilly thought it would be fun to run the course with his leash in his mouth. But then I pushed him too hard and we did 6 classes and the last 2 he was just done. So those were pretty much a waste of time.

Then last weekend was the horseshow. I was paddock master, as usual, and I think we had a pretty good show overall. We had more horses and most importantly - SHADE! We shortened the indoor arena by 40 feet and that gave me and the horses some shade throughout the day. That was a real lifesaver.

This weekend should be pretty quiet, then we gear up next weekend for J&C's big Anniversary party. I've been trying to plan the bachelorette portion( yes we are going out). We ordered the cake yesterday and most of the other things are falling into place.

Also tomorrow night is Bark in the Park at Turner Field. So we are taking Reilly. I am hoping DH will let me dress him up in a bandanna, but I doubt it.

I should have pictures from that to post.


  1. Don't worry, I think I am winning the Most Behind in Blogging Contest. So you don't need to feel bad, LOL! We've just been overwhelmingly busy recently, but in a good way!

    Hope Bark in the Park was fun. Today was our first day back to work from the trip this weekend, and I am just zonked. I would not have made it! But I can't wait to see pics!

    The anniversary party sounds like fun!

    Okay, I'm off to write an email to my mother, who is probably about to send out a search party, it's been so long since I wrote.

  2. Ok Ok you're forgiven!
    I would so love to go to Bark in the Park, I miss the Braves!

  3. Bark in the Park was AWESOME! Angela you guys have to go~!!!! We even had a Beagle named Connor sitting next to us.