Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Making of A Ribbon Wreath

Over the years of showing we collect a lot of ribbons.  I like ribbons.  I think they are pretty and some clubs have some really nice ones in some very unique colors and designs.(Ok yes, I will admit it, I am a magpie "OOOH SHINEY!")

I am fortunate that although I am the direct opposite of crafty, that I have been savvy enough to surround myself with insanely crafty friends.  One such friend even has her own crafty business( plug here - if you embroider or vinyl go to AllAboutBlanks they are the BOMB)!  Susan has already helped me make a fantastic ribbon quilt ( quiet applause) and this weekend we embarked on a ribbon wreath.  MUCH easier than the ribbon quilt.

To make said ribbon wreath I got one wire frame from Michaels.  Then went through and I picked the ribbons that would be the easiest to pull the ribbon part off of or ones that didn't have rosettes.  Once we had all those we cut them in half like this:

We had started out using the whole length of the ribbon, but the ever savvy Susan figured out we could use half of it.  Warning though, if you are like me, you WILL burn every finger on your hand with hot glue.

Then we added the hot glue like so:

It didn't take a lot of hot glue to make them stick.  Once the glue was on we quickly wrapped them once around the frame getting them as tight as we could without burning ourselves.  Susan was much more successful at this than I.

This is the wreath with the ribbons around it.  Now some of them could have been tighter- again this was our first attempt.  We liked the writing facing out to give it some character.

After that we just had to decide how we wanted to place the rosettes and if we wanted any full length ribbons on there.  Reilly had some really pretty and unique ribbons.  Some had paw prints on them which we liked so we added those.  I had one title ribbon with a different rosette on it, and one ribbon that he got at the last show for his Grand Prix run, so we added those at the top and the bottom.  Most of it was just eyeballing it and personal preference.

Here is the finished product:

I need to iron some of the ribbons to get them nice and flat.  But I am really pleased with the result.

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