Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To Blog or Not to Blog???

Yes, it's me again - I haven't blogged in - oh how many years now? It's been awhile, but to be honest, we've been busy. Reilly has been racking up the miles in the agility field
and we have been busy vacationing:
and working to pay for aforementioned vacations! - Sorry no pictures of us working.

But on top of that, I have this coworker who came in sometime last year ( I can't remember when she started) but she has raised the bar here at the office from the way we dress, to forcing us to go to the gym :) and now since she blogs( and she has asked MOI to be a guest blogger) I thought I would start back on my own blog again and see what I could come up with. I mean she actually has me wearing heels almost every day which, as we all know, is not my first choice of footwear. So bar raised people!

 And this will NOT be a blog just about my dog, or my agility. But about everything that goes on even if I just think something is profound - or not.

 And let me leave you with this - want to have a REALLY good tune at the gym? Something to pump you up and make you move? I ALWAYS turn to my man Pitbull. No one brings it like he does. A little bit of Fireball will get the blood pumping and the legs moving.

 Try it Mikey, you will like it. Guaranteed.

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