Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Baseball and Birthdays

I have been remiss in posting pictures from our baseball game this past weekend, so here they are.  Above is a shot from our seats in Turner Field.  The Braves lost it in the 9th, but we had a great time with our friends Angela and Daniel.

I had a picture of Angela and I but I can't get it to upload, so check out Angela's blog for the picture :).

As for Birthdays - today is mine and it is also the birthday of some people who are very special to me.  My friend Ginny and I share a birthday - I am honored to be her Birthday Sister.  And also my good friend Catherine and her sister Elizabeth celebrate on this day also.

I am calling this my "mini" birthday bc it seems like everything was small ;)  Hubby sent me beautiful - but petite- flowers.

Also, the gift given to me by my mother, which I specifically requested was a lot smaller than it looked in the catalog ;)  No matter, I will use it anyway.  And the card from my mom?  You guessed it - mini.  Again, beautiful but small ;).

So here's a picture of all my bountiful gifts ( so far) on the patio table.  

Its not been the best birthday in terms of celebrating.  Unfortunately I have been battling the stomach flu and it's very difficult to celebrate when you are throwing up.  I am hoping that will all be past me by this weekend.  Lots of partying to do and no time for throwing up!!!

And here's a picture of the best present of all, my smiling dog!