Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Beginning of the Weekend

Robin came to town this weekend and Anglea had us over to her house. While the boys played pool we chatted and played with the dogs. Tucker wasn't too interested in company her position was strictly to be admired from afar.  Reilly was in the thick of everything and therefore was admired and petted quite a bit.

We had a great visit and dinner with Robin and Jack and they had to leave way too early.  Once they left Doug and Daniel got into a raging game of Motorstorm for the PS3 while Angela and I chatted some more.  I finally dragged Doug away from it around 11:30 bc I had an 8am dr's appt for Reilly.

So come Sat morning, Reilly and I are off to the vet.  Doug wasn't able to manage to get out of bed to come with us.  But I wanted to get Reilly's wart looked at so off we went.  Dr Meg was laughing at Reilly as usual, and said that she would take the wart off for us, no biggie.  It was in a bad place on his foot and I didn't want him to rip it off, which would have been an even bigger issue.

Saturday night was our big birthday celebration.  Catherine, John, Doug and I had an elegant dinner at Canoe on the Chattahoochee river.  ( Cat and I share the same birthday) We enjoyed our meal tremendously!  I had the quail stuffed with duck appetizer and then the pheasant for dinner.  They brought us special birthday desserts :).

We were really dying to go somewhere fun and there used to be a cool piano bar here in Atlanta near us, but it has turned into a regular dance club.  We thought what the heck, we'd go ahead and go.  We had a blast.  Well Catherine and I did.  We danced and danced and danced.  Doug and John drank and watched us dance and laughed.  Two am found us at the Waffle House.  Note - don't ever order the LITE waffle at the WF.  It's not low calorie it's RAW.  They mean light as in the COLOR.  Ugh.  It was NASTY at 2am.

SIX am found me up with Reilly who couldn't sleep anymore ;).....  Cat and John had spent the night so Doug and I got up with Reilly while they slept in a bit.  Then we had a nice breakfast at Cracker Barrel and that was the end of the birthday celebration.  My wonderful husband bought me a beautiful Tissot watch and gave me a very sweet card.  It's definitely a keeper - the card ( well and the watch).

Stay tuned for tomorrow's entry :) 

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