Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Day at the Agility Trials

There was a nearby agility trial on Sunday so Reilly and I decided to go and check it out.  Amy and Sarah went with us so that Amy could watch all the dogs.  She loves dogs.  I just wanted to take Reilly so that he could check out the atmosphere and I wanted to see how he would act.

Well he was wonderful!  I hate to brag... :)  But he got many compliments on his calm demeanor and how fit and well he looked.  

I was heartened by watching these dogs go - it gave me hope for Reilly and I.  Not that they were bad, not by any means, but they were a far cry from what you see on Animal Planet and it showed me that it's ok to NOT be perfect at a trial and we won't be laughed out of the ring if we mess up.

It was encouraging that most of the handlers came out of the ring blaming themselves and not the dogs.  Very refreshing.

So I think we make our way into the ring someday soon.  It's not as far off as I thought. 

But as a lovely side effect of the trials I picked up a bug somewhere - either the agility trials or at the ball game Sat night. I've been home with the stomach flu and it SUCKS to have the stomach flu the week of your birthday!

I am feeling better now, in fact, I think I will head to bed.

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