Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Exhausted

There's no other way to say it. I am worn out( or worn to a frazzle as my mother would say). All I want is a nice long sleep and a relaxing weekend to catch up.

Last week I was at a horseshow in 100 plus temps working outside for 12 hours a day. That in and of itself is fine. I expected it and I do this voluntarily and enjoy it. But nonetheless its exhausting.

Then to find out we had no A/C at home last Sat, when I was at the point that all I could think of was getting home and sleeping in my own bed. But no, I ended up going from one hotel to another because I refused to go home in 100 plus temps with no A/C. So we got a room at the local La Quinta Inn( dog friendly) until they could come and fix our A/C on Wed.

Reilly was a very good boy at the hotel, but his patience was wearing thin by Wed morning and he was ready to go home.

Home on Wed. Unloading the car, running to the store to stock up on a few essentials till I could do a big shop. Unpacking 2 suitcases, various coolers and other sundry items that hubby and I had taken with us to make life more comfortable.

Over to the neighbors for dinner( Bless Sarah for taking care of that for us). Home to bed. Exhausted. Nightmares, so no good night's sleep for me.

Then Thursday - home, laundry, mow lawn, and off to a late dinner with a friend which had been planned for weeks and has to be squeezed in whenever we both have the time. Home to bed, exhausted, too much water at dinner, up and down to the bathroom all night long....

Here it is Friday. And I still have a long laundry list of things to do to get the house ready for guests on Thursday. My mother, her dogs and 2 more people are coming to visit for the weekend.

I must get a pedicure. I MUST get my nasty car cleaned out. I MUST get the water stains from the A/C off the ceiling. I MUST get all the laundry done. I MUST get some rest!

The one bright thing( although I am kind of disappointed since I enjoy it, ) is that the new agility class is starting NEXT week, not this one. So I can either sleep in on Sat( yeah right) or get an early start on all the crap I have to do.

Sorry for all the complaining. Just tired, whiny and feeling overwhelmed right this moment!


  1. Steph,

    Do NOT apologize for complaining. That's what friends are for, and we all understand. Now, your FIRST priority is to go home tonight, eat something decent and then go straight to bed. Do NOT try to run around the house and do even one more thing! You're worn out and you need a break. Get some rest first, then you'll be up to tackling everything else. I'm slowly learning this lesson, so this is me trying to pass on wisdom learned the hard way! LOL
    PS. I've been in your car in the last three weeks and there is no WAY it is nasty. i'm sure it's fine!!

  2. Steph,

    I love ya, girl, but you lose gravitas when you include getting a pedicure on the long list of things you're stressing about getting to.

    Go get that pedicure done first. Sit back in the massage chair and relax. Put your feet in the mini-jacuzzi and relax. Don't even think about the rest of the list. Just be glad that you're getting something done and feel productive about it. Heck, it was on the list and you'll be able to cross it off.

    Now laugh, and realize that no one else cares if there's a water stain from the A.C., and no one knows what's on your list that you haven't gotten to but you.

    I'm going to put "pedicure" on my list, too. I love them and I need one, too. And don't think of the whole list. Just prioritize them and when you finish one, you get to the next one.

    Take Reilly for a long walk. It's way more important than anything else.

  3. Thanks guys!!! It's not so much that I am worrying about getting the pedi, it's that it generally takes FOREVER to get one. :) Its all good, I'll get it done.

    There's no rain in the forecast tonight so it looks like I might be spending a *little* time in the yard.

    Oh and my car IS very nasty after being at a dirty mucky horseshow for a week :)

  4. Bless your heart for having NO A/C in the house for 3 days! I would have moved out too! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get everything done that you want and that the stress is kept to a minimum. That reminds me, I need a pedi too!