Monday, June 30, 2008


Penny tagged me so here it goes:

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Living in Atlanta, working in an advertising agency and Connor was still alive.

Five snacks I enjoy:

1. Honey Roasted Peanuts
2. Cheese cheese and more cheese
3. Blue Cheese stuffed Olives
4. Potato Chips
5. Reese's cups

Five Things on My To-Do list today:

1. Work :)
2. Agility Practice
3. Put laundry away
4. Take a mile walk
5. Pick up my prescriptions

Five Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Not work
2. Build a big house out in the country
3. Rescue a ton of dogs
4. Have horses
5. Give my parent's enough money to live the way they want to.

Five jobs I have had:

1. Groom( for horses)
2. Accountant
3. Retail Sales Person
4. Computer Tech
5. Part of the Equestrian Competition Mgmt for the 1996 Olympics

Five of my bad habits:

1. Worrying
2. Biting my nails
3. Eating bad things
4. Talking loudly
5. Feeding my dog people food

Five places I have lived:

1. Dunedin, FL
2. Safety Harbor, FL
3. Brooksville, FL
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Marietta, GA

Five people I would like to get to know better (yes, this means you are tagged!):

1. Ginny
2. Amy
3. Lizz
4. Janyne
*** Everyone else has been tagged! :)

Five Random Things:

1. I am tired of being sick.
2. It's too darn hot to do anything outside
3. I wish I were at home with Reilly
4. I hate that I have to pick up for the cleaning people this week
5. I wish Reilly would catch the stupid fly that's in the house


  1. I just love meme's. Great list and that's so cool that you were part of the '96 equestrian olympics endeavor! I'm a total horse lover. I'm dying to go riding again, but I can't get anyone in my fam to go with me. Sigh.

  2. Come down here and we'll go ride! It would be a blast! I bet we can get Angela to go too!