Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sick again

Yep, I am sick again and I am sick of being sick..... This time its a NASTY nasty sinus infection. So bad that the dr insisted that I stay home today. I was home yesterday and unable to hardly get out of bed... but today I am at least able to be up and around. I was going to go to work till the dr said no. So Reilly and I are at home again today and I think he's enjoying it.

But come Hell or High water I am going to see Eddie Izzard tonight. I have been looking forward to this forever, and I am not going to miss it. So it's off to bed for me.

I'll report on Eddie Izzard and our weekend with our visitors later.


  1. Oh no, Steph! Again! Poor you!

  2. You poor thing. I used to get really bad sinus infections ALL THE TIME and I know what misery they bring. Hope you get to feeling better soon! And I can't wait to hear about Eddie Izzard. I'm soooooo jealous!

  3. So sorry to hear this Steph. I just got over my summer flu and it was no fun. I'm just so thankful there wasn't an infetion involved.

  4. Oh, feel better soon, Steph! I'm sorry you've been sick so often. I hope you can enjoy Eddie Izzard...

  5. Thanks, I still feel like crap, but I managed to barely make it through Eddie.

    I'm at work today - uck