Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching up

I know, I know, I haven't posted in ages. But I have been SOOOOO busy between looking for a job( now working a contract job) and the play, who has had time to do anything??

So here's a little update:

On the play - it's going so well! It's going to be hysterical, if I can get through these last 2 weeks without killing any of the cast members! The play is so funny, but they keep cracking themselves up. So I didn't get home till 10 last night bc the rehearsal ran so late. Reilly does not know what happened to me! Poor guy has hardly seen me at all. Thank goodness for a 3 day weekend. Although I'll either be at rehearsal or building sets. Speaking of sets, DH has been a godsend and has practically built 1/2 the set on his own. He's spent 2( soon to be 3) Saturdays at the theater helping. Actors aren't very good at power tools :).

Then there's work. It's going ok. I'm tired, my brain is tired, from having to learn new stuff. Then I have to run from work to rehearsal and get home at insane times at night. But it's only for the next two weeks. Then we open on the 5th. And it's only Friday's and Sat's for 3 weekends. Woo hoo!!!!

That's it for now. I am still waiting for my new blog design.... the time passes so slowly!!!


  1. Glad you're hanging in there! It's so much better to be crazy busy than sitting at home twiddling thumbs. Can't wait to see the new blog design!

  2. Thanks for the update. I hope that your job situation stabilizes (for the better!). Give Reilly a hug from Emma.