Sunday, August 3, 2008

Didn't everyone want to be Jesse's girl?

Another weekend, another concert.  It seems to be an eighties theme this year.  First Bon Jovi, then Poison and last night, Rick Springfield.  I was not a huge fan, but it was an enjoyable concert.  But what a PITA to get there!  

We live in Marietta GA.  The concert was at some venue in a small town called Peachtree City.  The venue is an outdoor ampitheater( very small) called The Fred.  I took us an HOUR to get there.  It wasn't that it was all that far( 50 miles) but it was raining and no one in GA can drive in the rain.  ARGH.  So we got there thinking that we had totally missed the first 30 minutes of the show.

We pulled into the parking lot and had an extremely difficult time finding a parking space.  Why?  We didn't think we would, especially since it wasn't sold out, but lo and behold the parking lot was filled with GOLF carts!  Peachtree City is a "golf cart community" and people can drive their carts everywhere.  So of course they took them to the concert.  It was quite a sight I have to tell you....

When we got there, the concert hadn't started bc of the rain, so we breathed a small sigh of relief.  The rain had stopped by the time we got in, so we found our seats and got ready for Rick.  But no, he had an opening band.... and well, that's all I am going to say about that.

Rick finally came on, after a snafu with his mic.  How many roadies does it take to get a mic to work???  I mean REALLY people!!!  So 45 minutes after the opening act closed, he finally made it on stage.

It was a good show, he played to the crowd and even came down into the table section to mingle with everyone.   It was entertaining, but all I could think about was how late it was getting and how I really hadn't had enough to drink :).

We finally got to my house at 12:30 and the boys were watching Robot Chicken.  They had entertained themselves quite nicely all evening.  Boys night out as it were.


  1. Wow, I'm just going to have to live vicariously through all your cool concert events! What's up next? Duran Duran? Now THAT would be a cool concert. And keeping with the theme this year. LOL!

  2. No Duran Duran this year! Although we have seen them 5 times in the past couple of years. And they are a VERY cool concert!!!!!

    I've only got Rod Stewart left in August - :( But who knows who else might be coming to town!

  3. Ahhh Rick Springfield! That brings back some good memories of days gone long by! The golf carts cracked me up!

  4. Oh my gosh, I never thought about going to a concert in Peachtree City with all the golf cart craziness. Bet that was interesting!

    PS - you've been tagged! See my blog :-)