Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too Tired to Drive

I am so exhausted( I know I keep complaining about this, but bear with me till the play opens :) ) , it's literally getting dangerous. My driving skills are getting terrible and it's bc I have no reaction time and I am just not paying attention. Unfortunately in Atlanta, there is NO public transport to speak of so I am stuck driving myself everywhere. I am seriously considering the option of a nap in my car at lunch.

It's just till the 5th... but this not going home at night after work is getting old. I've barely seen Doug and Reilly or my bed! Last night I got 6 hours of sleep, but that was my own fault. We went and saw Rod the Bod at the new Ampitheater in Atlanta.

He was awesome, I loved every minute of it. But this ampitheater is about 45 minutes from my home with no traffic, so I rolled in about midnight. Why is it that performers have to have an opening act and that opening act doesn't go on till 8pm? Rod is in his 60's( and still looking good I might add) but you would think he would want to call it an early night.

Then what did I do( I'm such an idiot) I signed up to win concert tickets for Friday night!!! It seemed like a good idea at the time( too much wine) but now I am hoping I don't win. Friday is the ONLY night I get to be home. ONLY one. WHY would I want to go out to another concert???? Because it's one the DH would really like to see, that's why.

Reilly is at daycare today for the first time in weeks. We're having someone out to get rid of the roof rats(yay) and I assumed Doug would not be able to work at home with him barking at the exterminator all day long.

On a happy note, the rain is gone. So it's sunny and happy here in Atlanta Land today.


  1. Glad to hear the concert was great! Sorry you're big time sleep deprived. I seriously don't know how you Atlantans do it. The traffic I mean. When I worked/part-time lived in Duluth, I swore I would never do it permanently. My road rage alone would have shortened my life span considerably. Hang in there! :-)

  2. Thanks. It's not been the traffic so much as the amount of time I have to spend in my car. For instance today, I am south of ATL- 35 miles from home. After work, I have to drive the 35 miles towards home, THEN an additional 19 to get to the theater. Then after rehearsal I have to drive the 19 miles HOME from the theater. It doesn't seem like a lot but when you are doing it every day it gets to be a bit much.

  3. I hope that the play goes well. We want stories!

    Be careful with the driving.