Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Weekend!

Not mine, the DH's..... Saturday is the big day and I have a weekend of festivities planned.

Starting tomorrow, the neighbors are going to come over for some steak and cake :) Specifically Cookie Puss from Carvel.... And probably some video game playing.

Saturday some friends we made doing the play are going to come to our house to celebrate The Doug's birthday( The Doug being his nickname from the play - don't ask).... We are going to have burgers and MORE cake and then off to the N GA State fair. It's a cheesy fair but its still fun for a couple of hours. They don't even have livestock or anything unless you count the World's Largest Steer... I don't know what the special activities are on Saturday but I am sure they will be riveting. Last year someone got shot out of a cannon... So who knows??

I don't ride the rides - fair rides scare me and I tend to get sick - deep fried twinkies don't stay down that well...... So I will watch while everyone else gets sick. Hopefully I will have pictures to post on Sunday. If I live through Sat night.


  1. LOL! Have fun and happy birthday to Doug!! We're looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

  2. I know, I can't wait to have you guys over. I got Doug the Star Wars game for the Wii so he and Daniel will have something to play. They can play against each other ;) Should keep them busy!

  3. Happy Birthday Doug. Is it me or does he have like 3 birthdays a year? Goodness, my years are flying by.

    My neighbor's are having a huge 50th birthday party for the hubby & his twin sister, this weekend. The porta-potty has arrived, grass is being cut, van-loads of food have arrived, etc..... and he's in the hospital with a kidney stone. Ack!

  4. OOh Poor guy! I hope he gets to enjoy his birthday! And I hope you guys were invited!

  5. Oh my, I can't wait to hear more about the festivities! I hope that your not posting so far just means you've been busy and not that you didn't survive the fun. LOL!