Friday, September 12, 2008

Pictures of the Play

I think I might finally get some of the pictures to post... so here it goes:

This is a picture of all but 2 of the guys in the play. The guy in the suit was nice enough to fill in for someone who didn't show up - ever.... Thankfully he did bc I would be standing there if he wasn't.

Here are some of the girls and one of the missing guys.... The girl in the middle is supposed to be wearing an extremely ugly dress.. technically a 60 year old Russian dress( what was Neil Simon thinking????) Thankfully the assistant stage manager/tech person is a super seamstress and she bought a dress at a thrift store and made it ugly :).

This is from the last scene in the show.... I wish they had gotten the whole cast in - they are going up the stairs... It would have been a nice picture.

So we have 3 performances this weekend and 2 next weekend and then we are done. I am going to miss the cast so much - some of us have become friends. Thank goodness for Facebook.... :) At least I can keep track of them there.

But I am looking forward to tonight. I am refreshed and ready to go. Although I will miss seeing Doug at home tonight. I am hoping he'll meet me during act II and go out for drinks after the show.


  1. Fun! So glad it's going well. I know it has been fun but I'm sure you'll be glad to return to life as usual :-)

  2. Cool pics! Congrats on the play. And isn't Facebook the best?! My addiction to it has subsided a bit, but I think I'm slowly getting sucked back in. LOL!

  3. I'm not in the play( well I was last night, I had to fill in for someone.) I am just stage managing which is where I prefer to be!

  4. Thanks for the photos! Tell Doug that he did a great job on the set :-)