Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Doggy Shopping - I'm addicted

Hi, My name is Stephanie and I am addicted to shopping for my dog. I don't shop for myself - ever! It's always for the dog.

What triggered the latest shopping binge? The new Orvis Dog Catalog. Have you seen it? Pages and pages of things that my dog just HAS to have! The newest item? A frisbee that lights up! Who doesn't need that? Reilly loves frisbee and when we play in the dark he can't see it, so bingo - problem solved.

Then I was perusing their cushy cushy dog beds. Compared it to the bed Reilly got from Target. Found Reilly's bed lacking and BOOM! New bed for Reilly.

I finally made myself PUT the catalog down and walk away.... It's hidden in a drawer but calling my name, telling me that Reilly really does need that squeaky toy, and a fleece pullover...... ARGH!!!! HELP!!!!!


  1. THAT was hilarious! I'm laughing because I have a terrible addiction & confession to make now that you've made yours. I have to go blog.......

  2. I can't help it and I have bought even MORE Today! I got him a slip lead for agility! ARGH! Make it stop!!!!

  3. I'm right there with you. Before the kids came along, there was nothing that my dogs didn't have. It's a serious addiction. We, of course, transferred a lot of the purchasing addiction to our human kids, but we still got LOTS of "necessities" for the canine kids. You're in good company!

  4. LOL! Oh Steph!! It's a sickness isn't it?